Watch-Dog Mini Advanced Flyball Electronic Judging System

Watch-Dog Mini Advanced Flyball Systems offer unparalleled value for teams who wish to benefit from practicing with their own Electronic Judging system that is simple to setup and use.

The Watch-Dog -Mini- Advanced Flyball Timing System is all new design for 2016 offered by Watch-Dog Flyball. This system is by far the easiest and fastest system to setup of all systems offered by Watch-Dog Flyball.

The timer display, electronics and stand design is all new The LCD display, controls and light tree are integrated into the beam sensor stand. Teams simply attach the bases to the beam and reflector stands, align the beams, plug in the power and start practice.

The system allows teams to:

  • Practice Starts

  • Get Lap Times

  • Race Total Times

  • Pass & Start Fault Detection

  • NEW Sintra Plastic Stands!!

Pass faults are indicated on the integrated light tree and console display. Teams may also attach a second Mini Advanced system combining them to create a complete 2 lane flyball track for league events or practice. Teams may also attach the larger external time display panels (sold separately) to their Watch-Dog -Mini- systems. Remote start, end race & reset control is also available for the Mini systems.

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Watch-Dog Mini Advanced Flyball EJS Feature List:

  • All New Electronics, Stand Design, Display & Controls

  • Super fast setup

  • Simple to use consoles

  • Built in LED light tree Now with 3 Amber LED lamps & Fault lamp facing the box loader

  • 2 training modes
    - Race and Practice


  • Start light time display (time between the green start light and the dog breaking start the beam)

  • Start fault detection & time display (how early the dog broke the start beam before green)

  • Start & Pass fault indication on consol and light tree LED's

  • Beam stand sensor status indicators on beam sensors

  • Remote Start & Reset race control (Optional)

  • May connect second lane stand with a single phone cord

  • 3/4" Sintra Plastic Beam and Reflector Stands collapsible for transport

  • 4 High Quality Metal infared Sensors per stand(2 pass & 2 start with alignment indicators)

  • Larger external timing displays available(with 2.5 tall LED digits)

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