-Mini Advanced- Flyball System

Complete Single Lane -Mini Advanced- System:


Items included:

1 – Beam Stand NOW with Sintra Plastic Stands, 6 Metal infrared sensors
(3 start & 3 pass - 8 adjustable positions)
1 – Attatched Timing Console
1 – Integrated LED start tree
1 – Reflector Stand with 4 reflectors
1 – System power supply
1 – User Manual

Now with updated LCD display, Controlls & fault lamp facing the box loader!!!

Watch-Dog -Mini- Single Lane System Price: $995.00 US + shipping

See my page for More Details!!

Options & Upgrades:

  • Second Lane Beam stand with integrated LED light tree and timing console & link cable

    Price: 995.00 + shipping

  • Additional Metal Infrared Beam sensors

    Price: 120.00 Per pair (must be in pairs)

  • Remote Control Operation

    Price: 100.00

  • Large External Display (2.5" LED digits)

    Price: 235.00 + shipping


To order Call:

Watch-Dog Flyball (248) 363-1745

Or Email for more information


Metal infarad sensors now standard in ALL Watch-Dog Systems

Remote Control capability now available for based Watch-Dog -Mini- Timing Systems

From this small remote device you can control the Start & Reset functions of your Watch-Dog -Mini- System