Watch-Dog PC Based -Inline- Speed Skating Electronic Timing System

The Watch-Dog PC Based -Inline- Timing System was designed to provide athletes and coaches with an accurate, affordable and easy to use lap count and timing system for training or league event use. Being PC based the over all system cost is lower then the Console version since the some of the hardware is now captured with-in a software program. The Watch-Dog -Inline- system is capable of automatically detecting and displaying lap counts and lap times and is designed for timing of oval track "Pack" formations found in sports such as indoor or outdoor Inline speed skating. The timing sensors interface to your PC or laptop va a simple USB connections. The Timing application is very simple to setup and use while conducting all the necessary ETS (Electronic Timing System) functions for optimal automatic timing and lap detection. System lap time/count detection is adjustable to account for pack size, lap speeds and track sizes to optimize automatic lap time and count detection. The system uses 9v batteries to power the sensor emitter beam and sensor receiver.
The PC interface offers a rich set of feature including large (full screen size) lap count and time display.

Other Applications:

  • Running/Track Timing

  • Moto Giro Cycle Race Timing or AutoCross Timing

PC Interface Screen

PC Full Screen Lap / Time Display

Once calibrated (which is a simple process) the Watch-dog -Inline- Timing system is able to accurately and automatically track with the lead skater of the pack. This allows it to accurately keep track of lap counts automatically through out the entire race or drill.

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Watch-Dog PC Based -Inline-/Speed Skating is perfect for:

  • Automatic displaying of pack lap times during pace drills

  • Automatic counting of pace laps

  • Display of individual 100m Flyer times (ie no more stopwatch errors)

  • Display of race lap and total times

  • Graphic race time display

  • Full screen mode for display of lap count and time

Watch-Dog -Inline-/Speed Timer Race Illistration:

Watch-Dog PC Based -Inline-/Speed Skating Feature List:

  • Low Cost

  • Simple to use and setup

  • USB interface

  • Lap times are automatically detected and displayed for each lap. With Multiple skaters on the track

  • Automatic Lap counting/tracking. Displays up to 999 laps

  • User Selectiable Lap counting up or down

  • Continuous display of individual lap times as the first athlete is detected crossing the start/finish line.

  • Variable detection delay / automated lap time and count detection
    (to allow packs to pass through beams with out miss triggering the timer)

    - Adjustiable Delay Settings for automated lap/Time tracking between 5 second and up to 30 seconds .
    (longer intervals may be controlled manually for long lap outdoor events ect...)

  • Display of Lap Count, Lap Time and Total Times

  • Full screen display mode for view of Lap Count and Lap Times while skating

  • Rubberized Sensor enclosures

  • 90 deg angle beam adapters available for wall mounting of sensors

  • Sensors can be placed up to 120ft (40m) apart across starting line

  • Beam sensor status indicators on sensors, applicagtion and consoles for easy setup

  • Optional: USB Remote Control may be added to system or built into new systems alows users to:

  • Optional: Second Wireless Sensor beam set for separate Start/Finish Lines

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Main Application screen:

Full Time Display Screen:

Emitter Enclosure:

Reciever Enclosure:

PC USB Interface Hardware: